Variable Data Printing

Communicate a unique message to each reader you target! Engage offers Variable Data Printing (VDP), a powerful marketing personalization tool. VDP technology allows Engage to alter text, promotional offers and even images from piece to piece, leading to response rates as high as 20%.

When producing VDP jobs, our full-color HP Indigo digital press is connected to a database with page designs tailored to pair with specific content for each individual recipient. The press can swap out text, photos and graphics on the fly, with the ability to completely change the entire image and message from sheet to sheet. This means marketing communications can be customized for each and every recipient.

The power of such personalization allows Engage customers to produce smaller but more targeted mailings, reducing the overall cost of production and postage. Plus it is proven that using VDP provides a much greater return on investment for marketing, fundraising, recruiting and sales solicitations by significantly driving up response rates.

Let an Engage Account Manager help you better understand this dynamic print solution and explore how to leverage VDP for your next project.