Submitting Artwork

When it comes to preparing files for professional printing, we work with clients of all experience levels. We strive to print every job to the best of our ability and want to help ensure your piece looks as good as possible. If you’re new to this whole printing thing, we’ve included a few tips for file preparation below. You can also find answers to other common printing questions in the FAQ section on our Why Engage page. Still not sure about something? We’re always happy to answer questions about your specific project or have one of our experts walk you through preparing your files.

  • What types of files can I send?

    We prefer print-ready PDFs or packaged files from InDesign or Illustrator to ensure the best results, but we can accept a variety of file types and work with you to make your artwork print-ready. If you don’t see your file format on the list below, give us a call and we’ll find out if we can work with it.

    • Print-ready PDF
    • Adobe InDesign (packaged)
    • Adobe Illustrator (packaged, or with images embedded and fonts outlined)
    • Image files such as PSD, TIFF and JPEG (at least 300 dpi at the size they will be printed; JPEG files should be saved at the highest quality setting)
    • EPS, with fonts outlined (any embedded images should be at least 300 dpi at final output size)
    • Microsoft Publisher (exported for Commercial Printer)
    • Microsoft Office – we can accept these files, but they are not optimized for printing and we may not be able to guarantee proper output, so please call us to make sure they will work for your project; any embedded images should also be submitted separately at full resolution
    • QuarkXPress (packaged) – limited support

    See our file prep guide for detailed instructions on creating print-ready files.

  • What does “print-ready” mean?

    “Print-ready” is a term we use to indicate files that are set up correctly for output on commercial printing equipment. Print-ready files typically include adequate bleed allowance where required, embedded fonts, images that are 300 dpi resolution or greater at full size, and sometimes crop marks. See our guide here for more information on how to make your files print-ready, or contact us and we can walk you through the necessary steps for your specific document.

  • How do I create print-ready files?

    Making a print-ready file depends on what program you’re using. Click here for our file prep guide or contact us for help.

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